Monday, May 18, 2009


Due to technical difficulties, I have to hold off on the biggest fun news until a later date when I can figure out what on God's green earth is wrong with my video uploader.

So we'll start with other fun news. The big switch!

Starting tonight, Miss Lilly's bottom will be clothed in the softest, most supple, most fuzziest diapering materials her momma can get her hands on. She has suffered through enough diaper rash and I'll do whatever it takes for her to not suffer any more. A few days ago our Jillian's Drawers trial arrived and I've been waiting anxiously for the diarrhea/incessant urinating/diaper rash to calm down before initiating these positively delightful little numbers. In colors like clementine, celery, butter and melon, and names like bumGenious, Fuzzi Bunz and Thirsties, what's not to love? There are so many different styles, I can't wait to see what works best for Lilly.

After getting my hands on these, and then putting Lilly in a disposable diaper, the disposables feel so scratchy and papery. I understand the addiction now-- if you love shopping for clothing for your little one, then cloth diapers are just one more thing to drool over! Originally, this was intended to be a bedtime-only deal, and it may still, but I can see falling in love with cloth and never going back. I even ordered all neutral colors so Future Little Beansies #2 has a fair shot at using them.

If you are interested in the 21-day trial, click on the link above. Here's what you get and you can choose from Boy, Girl or Neutral. It costs $110 plus s/h and you can either keep everything and be done, return what you didn't like for a refund of that amount or return it all and be refunded $100, so you're only out 10 bucks. Pretty good deal for getting to try everything for 3 weeks. Unless your child comes down with a stomach virus, thus limiting your trial period to about a third of that time.


Bluebird said...

So glad that Lilly's feeling better, and super cool that you're going to try CDing!!! I'm so intrigued by the idea, but it also super intimidates me. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Trisha.R.Jackson said...

YAY!!! Another CDing momma. I LOVE it!

I'm not a big fan of the Jillian's Drawers prefolds. I much prefer the Green Mountain Diaper prefolds. And keep in mind, you have to prep the heck out of them to become the most absorbant and fluffiest.

Call me if you have any questions about CDing. I use prefolds during the day and pockets and/or fitteds at night. The All-In-Ones take way too long to dry, hence, why I love the pockets.

Oh, and Thirsties covers ROCK!! I do really love our Thirsties Fab Fitteds as well as the BumGenius organic fitteds

LeAnna said...

The BumGenius are our faves. I use them at night mostly, until I can get some more. :)