Sunday, January 6, 2008


I survived:) It wasn't too bad, actually. Aside from the normal annoyances, I might even go so far as to say I had a good time. I really think the key is hosting the get togethers at our house, on our turf. I'm much more relaxed because I can always find something to do, whether it's dishes, sweeping, cooking, etc. And this time I bought a puzzle to work on, thinking I'd be the only one working on it, so I could at least escape to that instead of staring at ESPN for hours at a time. But surprisingly, everyone got into the puzzle and it was a good way to do something together with minimal awkwardness. So hooray for that:)

On a baby note, since this is now a babyish blog, we are coming up on the big week of babydancing! I honestly had no idea, up until about a year ago, how scientific and precise conception is. I thought that when you wanted to have a baby, you just had lots of sex and, according to my health teacher, it only takes one time anyway, so chances are you'd get knocked up just like that. Wrong! I've been charting my temps and such on and they even send me a daily "Conception" course lesson, including a QUIZ, basically so that all romance can be completely zapped and replaced with visions of ovum, follicles, egg whites, and scenes from Look Who's Talking (you know the one). There's so much to think about! And just when I decide that I'm not going to be one of those women who gets crazy and holds her husband hostage for a babymaking quickie 2 minutes before he leaves for work because LOOKOUT, I JUST GOT A POSITVE OVULATION TEST* and I might be done by the time we get home from work, I remember how true that statement really is and it's kind of a hit or miss deal. Hit it now or wait until next month, which is not the most appealing option for impatient people like me.

Anyway, in an effort to maximize our chances, I've decided to lay off Granddad's cough syrup. It's part of the whole "healthy diet" stuff I'm supposed to embrace anyway, so I figure it's a good thing. Drinking isn't as fun as it used to be anyway and it really just makes me fatter, so what's the point? Especially since I don't have to see my in-laws for a while now:)

*You're actually supposed to test mid-day, so don't take me seriously or you'll be sorrrry! And I'll feel bad. Not that you'd replace factual data with my crap from my sorry blog anyway. At least I hope not!


Jennie! said...

Hmm, I may start using that website, but you know . . . for the opposite reason.

Bryna said...

I'm so happy that you are back! I popped in now and again to see if you had written and lo, and behold... you have!!!

Good luck on the baby makin'. ;)