Monday, January 28, 2008


I had no idea how hard it was going to be to keep this gigantic secret from everyone, especially at work. I had a minor issue this morning that required a visit to my girly doctor, which for people who have desk jobs or jobs that don't require other people to count on them on a minute-by-minute basis isn't too huge of a deal, but when you're a teacher, leaving at 11am on a Monday morning with no previous notice is a little odd. Especially when you co-teach. And ESPECIALLY when you let your director know you need to make a doctor's appointment and would it be OK if if they can only get you in that morning and her response is "if it's not a pressing issue, later this week would be better." Wellll, this was a pressing issue, so out the door I went only to return to a dozen questions. I squelched their curiosity with a quick "You don't want to know," which seriously they did not want to know.

But praise the Lord for getting me in and out so quick that I was back to school exactly one hour after I left. The only problem was that I returned SO quickly that one teacher asked me who I go to that did such a speedy job. When I told her my doctor's name she said "OH, no way! She's one of my professors!" And within 1.3 seconds, her eyes dropped to my stomach. Nothing to see here, folks:)


Jennie! said...

I hope everything's OK!

K-tell said...

Errrrything's just fine. Thanks, Jennie!