Thursday, January 3, 2008


While doing a little lunch-time shopping today, I happened upon some maternity swimwear. Despite Matt's uncertainty of why in the world I'd want to go through the summer big and pregnant, I'm praying for a September wee one, which would take me straight through the dog days of summer, bump and all. So I'll be honest, I threw it in reverse and meandered through the bumpwear and was sadly disappointed to see what lycra disasters baby mommas-to-be are expected to wear pool/beach/lake side. It's no wonder so many gutsy mommas throw on their pre-pg bikinis and bare all! Can't say I'll be one of them, but then again baring all is not a good look for me, pregnant or otherwise:)


Jennie! said...

You know what, though? Sometimes at Target, I'll see a cute dress and then realize it's a maternity dress. So, at least you have that. Hee.

K-tell said...

haha, i've done that too. i'm sure the laws of female fashion dictate that as soon as i need one of those cute dresses, they will have vanished from existance!

Jennie! said...

Well, in that case, I should still be able to find them, so I'll just send them to you. Win win!