Thursday, January 17, 2008


"Juno" was really good! I had to leave with about 25 minutes left in the movie thanks to the previews that went on forrrevverrr, so when it comes out on DVD I'll have to see how it ends. I highly recommend it! Only, don't go see it before a church meeting because when people ask "So how was the movie?" everyone else will ask "What movie did you see?" And Juno is not the kind of movie you want church people to know you paid money to see... by yourself.

I'm home sick today, which sucks because, duh, who likes being sick? But I visited my doctor in record time this morning (called at 8:45, was there at 9:02, saw the doc, dropped off my prescription and was home by 9:30. Woah!) and will have meds whenever I drag it back to CVS to get them. But it also sucks because its always seems like sick days, when you're all grown up, turn into "get everything done that you can't normally do during the week" days. By 8am, I already had a to-do list 7 items long. One of those items is "write articles" and I'm proud to say that after writing "How to Group People in Wedding Photos" I only have "How to Pick the Best Bike Shorts Crotch Liner" and "How to Join a Nudist Club" and I can totally check off that bad boy from my list:) (seriously, what in the world?)

Also, it's snowing again. The weekend forecast here is calling for a high of 14 degrees. FOURTEEN! The weekend forecast for Mystic says highs of 38, 25 and 27, which seems warm and cozy compared to f-f-f-fourteen.


Jennie! said...

Yeah, is it just me, or are the titles getting a lot weirder?

K-tell said...

yes, definitely. i started to write the nudist club one during nap time at work today, but the painting of Jesus hanging in front of me freaked me out... and then someone came into my room to chat and I had to stuff everything in my purse.

definitely weirder. but i'm glad you're still writing!