Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Connecticut was soooo fun! We flew into Massachusetts, drove to Connecticut and, since Mystic was only 8 miles from Rhode Island, we went there too! (Why not?) Mystic was so cute and now I want to live there. Have you seen Baby Boom with Dianne Keaton? She packs up her NYC bigwig life and moves to Vermont with a rosy-cheeked-inherited-2-yr-old girl where she buys a farm house, sight unseen, with an apple orchard and a pond and a well. And what does she do? She picks apples all day and makes baby applesauce. I'm sold. I'm taking my dog and my husband and I'm movin' to New England!! I wish, anyway. It's a little expensive there.

But the pizza at Mystic Pizza was yummy, despite some negative reviews. The photos on the walls were really fun, especially one with a man in underoos right next to our table. As a group of 10 year old girls was leaving, one of them ran over and was all "OH MY GOSH, LOOK!!" She ran up to it, pointing and giggling while her poor dad just kept walking. I tried distracting them with a picture on the OTHER wall, but they were totally into the package:)

Also, there were one zillion teenage girls at our hotel for a dance competition, which I mean, I don't need to tell you how we felt about that. Thanks to their noisy mouths, we were upgraded to a penthouse room with access to a nice little high rollers lounge... only we got kicked out when we tried to use it bc it was "at capacity". What the heck ever. I complained nicely and just like that, our room service breakfast from that morning was taken care of and the next day's breakfast was paid in advance:) Hooray! We will definitely returning to Mystic AND we'll definitely stay at the Marriot again:)

And now, for pictures...

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Andrea said...

LOVELOVELOVE them ALL! Why have you not opened a photography business yet? You are so talented! :)

So glad you had fun!