Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Whenever I tell someone I'm trying to get pregnant, the most common response is for that person to point out that "it will happen when it's the right time." Hearing this is like listening that one family member or friend who tells you the same story a dozen times, and every time asks "Have I told you this already?" But even after you nod and giggle that yes, they have, they continue on (and will inevitably bring it up next time you see them). I almost brace myself for it now. And every time I tell myself that I'm done sharing my business. I just don't understand it. Do they feel they are shedding valuable light on the issue or do they just not know what to say so they default to the old standby?

I'm sure I'm guilty of saying it to someone in my past, but I can honestly say I'll never make that mistake again! It just feels like such a slap in the face or like I'm being scolded for being anxious as if I'm trying for too much too soon. Without proper training (check back after a year of trying unsuccessfully and THEN I'll give you awkward sympathy!). As if I'm trying to fly a plane. I know the people who tell me this love me very much and don't intend for their comments to make me feel this way. Not in the least! I want to see that second line more than anything in the world right now, so I probably won't be satisfied with any response other than "damn, getting pregnant is a bitch!"


Lisa said...

AMEN!!!! Its about time someone says what all the rest of us are thinking.

its only second to buying expired ovulation predictor kits...seriously, August of 2006...I mean come on!

Jennie! said...

When someone tells me they're trying to get pregnant, my reponse is "ew, why?"

Hee, just kidding. But I now know not to ever say, "it will happen when it's the right time."

K-tell said...

jennie, "ew why?" is at least honest and not just some dumb comment that means nothing!! at least it would make me laugh instead of wanting to slap someone!!

Andrea said...

Yikes! I know I've been guilty of this on more than one occasion -- I had no idea that it was so...generalizing, I guess. Now I know for next time! :)

PS -- so sorry I missed your call this afternoon! I was napping away on the couch. Try again tomorrow?