Saturday, June 2, 2007

I got Knocked Up!!

Well, so to speak. Yesterday Andrea and I had a Hetero Lifemate reunion to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of our HL'ship. We officially met at Beacon on our first day of our first job out of college and we've been BFF's ever since! I think when we got yelled at for whispering too loudly in our cubicle hallway so I resorted to tossing paper balls with snarky messages over the top (or was it under the bottom?) of our cubes... that's what sealed the deal for her. And when Andrea referred to episodes of the Golden Girls and Dawson's Creek and hot dogs being thrown down the hallway, that did it for me.

But anyway, back to getting knocked up. We met up for lunch at Polaris, had a specialty brew with our sammies, then headed over to see the greatest new release of the summer... KNOCKED UP. Ohmyfreakinggawd, it's so good. F-bombs galore and lots of pot smoking and even one horrendous scene involving a head emerging from a stretched out vajayjay (holy mother of God)... but side-splittingly fantanstic. Go see it. And take a dood... he'll love it too. Except for the vajayjay part. That part may make him never want to go near your jujubee ever again.

Plus, how can you not like a movie with Izzy Stephens? I just want to be her friend in real life. That's all.

And how can this picture not make you laugh?! SERIOUSLY!


Jennie said...

Hee! I can't wait to see that movie.

Bryna said...

I want to see the movie too. But now that you mention the vajayjay part, I don't know if I want to see it with the upcoming birthing of my child. SCARY!

Thanks for stopping over to say hi! Looks like I'm gonna have to add you to my daily reads. You're funny. :)

Andrea said...

HAHA, I loved it. It was exactly what we both needed, I think. :) Just the impropriety and the pot and the vageen shot and the strippers and fantasy baseball and Jodi and ... yeah.

Happy anniversary, HL! You're the greatest! :)

lisa lou said...

katie kakes, I also to saw "knocked up" and did in fact find it enjoyable. I am also, more thrilled at the fact that someone else shares my fantasy of being Izzie's BFF. I was beginning to wonder if there was something wrong with me, then low and behold you come and save the day. Besides, she would totally love us when she got to know us....who wouldnt. oh, and that neighbor vera, who gives you all the vera bradley things...whats her last name...had to ask!!! hugs!!!