Sunday, June 10, 2007


I start my newest job tomorrow... and it's really nice not being nervous about my capabilities, considering that playing with kids is about the least intimidating job I can think of. I am, however, nervous that I'm going to screw up my alarm clock and/or forget my lunch in the fridge. I haven't used an alarm clock in over 2 years... and lunch is usually heated up leftovers or a Lean Pocket. And now that I have a REAL lunch box, I can't be going Lean Pocket on that bad boy. And add to it all the fact that Matt is gone alllllllllll week in a remote location in Canadialand with no phone, no electricity (not even indoor plumbing!)... I can't even count on him to wake me up or bring me my lunch if I forget it:( I so miss my Mom.

Also, I thought we had lunch meat in the fridge, so I went to make my sandwich and I was wrong, with the exception of 2 slices of pepperoni. PB&J it is.


Bryna said...

Hope your first day was wonderful. (and that you made it to work on time)

K-tell said...

Thanks, Bryna! It was and I did:)

Andrea said...

Yay! I'm so glad that today was so wonderful. :) Here's to the best week ev-ah. Love you, HL! (And PS, re: your MySpace comment: YOU ARE SO WELCOME! I hope you love everything as much as I loved picking it all out!)

Chicken cacciatore, dood. Chicken cacciatore.