Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Teacher: What are some things we could say in our cards for the nursing home residents? Remember you can color a kangaroo, puppy, turtle, bear, bumble bee or flower and paste it to construction paper, so it could say something like "Have a Hoppy Day!" or "You're Bee-utiful!"

Anonymous Boy #1: Ooh! How about "Hop to Heaven!"

Matt and Katie burst into laughter.

Teacher: OK, any other ideas?

Anonymous Boy #2: Happy Retirement?

Matt and Katie burst into audible laughter.

Please tell me this is as funny retold as it was in person. I really hope I don't need to end this with "Guess you had to be there." Because that would be so disappointing.


Bryna said...

How old are boy #1 and boy #2?

K-tell said...

Well, I wasn't sure exactly who said it, but I would say 1st and 2nd grade. So darn cute!

Andrea said...

HAHA...Hop to Heaven! Like a geriatric kangaroo? I love this. :)