Monday, June 25, 2007


It's been 9 days since my last confession. Yawn. Pardon me.

My life is just... so... much! I love it though. I do. I love my job, I love going, I love being there, I love what I do while I'm there. So I can't complain. I'm just exhausted, that's all. And then I have to cram a week's worth of work for my second job into 2, sometimes 1 day... and that's a lot, guys! Especially when it's creative work that requires me to a) think, b) put sentences together, and c) functioning internet connection.

But anyway, the whole point of today's post is to share 3 things with you, all of which happened in one day of work. Today, to be specific.

1. I found out that one little girl, who lives with her grandmother, was taken away from her mother because last year her mom put her 4 year old brother in a dumpster and left him there. Thankfully, he was reported missing and it was all over the news, so someone found him. SO sad.

2. Another little girl, 5 years old, asked to go potty in a panic. She's got a history of accusing teachers of inappropriate behavior (you don't have to think too hard), so we can never be alone with her. I grabbed a 4th grader to go in the bathroom with me and thank goodness I did because after a good 5 minutes of "trying" to go potty, I told her time was up and to come on out and wash her hands. She hopped off the potty and announced "It'w have to wait 'tiw tomowwow." "What will have to wait?" I asked. "My doo doo. It's too big for today." The other girl just looked at me horrified. And I don't blame her.

3. We took the kids to a nursing home to sing songs from last week's musical and about 1 minute into the first song I noticed an elderly woman in her wheel chair in the back row... naked. Bless her heart, I have no idea what she was trying to do, but I looked at my buddy teacher, Matt, and did the "don't-move-your-lips" mutter and said "that woman isn't wearing a shirt." He notified staff member and within .0005 seconds there was a team of nurses bolting to get her decent. Poor woman. But seriously, it was so uncomfortable. Thankfully the kids were facing the opposite direction and saw nothing of the boobs. (The boobs! Poor woman's nimples were MIA after all these years.)

4. One of my most challening kids (Andrea, it's the chicken catoris kid) came whimpering over to me during song practice complaining that he needed ice for his toe because it was going "up and down." I hate when that happens!

5. My favorite girl, upon entering a bathroom stall (seriously, my whole day revolves around the damn toilet) came back out and asked "What is that, Miss Katie?" "What is what, Vivian?" "That thing in the toilet." I looked, realized it was a nugget and told her to use the next stall. Clearly she wasn't satisfied and asked again "But what was it?" "I think you know what it was," I responded trying my best to end the conversation before anyone else heard. Still not satisfied, she asked "Is it candy?" with eyes as big as lollipops! I couldn't help but burst into laughter, as I often do with this job, and said "No!! Not even close!" "Poop?" she realized. "Yes, it's poop, Viv."

6. The sister of the doo doo girl informed another girl that she had big fat boobs that were squooshy. Then she demonstrated with her hands just how big and squooshy they truly were. (Keep in mind, this is the sister of the law suit girl, and the culprit of her own law suit against a teacher.)

OK, that turned into 6. But the stories just kept comin! All in a day's work:)


Bryna said...

Little kids should not have law suits. It's just wrong.

K-tell said...

I agree. Especially false ones.

Andrea said...

I agree with the lawsuit comment. I still can't believe this!

And also, I really think Catoris MIGHT like boys. Either that, or he's going to grow up to be a metrosexual. Which...what's the difference again?