Thursday, June 28, 2007


Ahhh, my day off has been glorious. Despite having to work... but really? I enjoy the work so much that it doesn't really seem so much like working. I don't have to deal with poop, boogers or barf... I can be inside, perfectly air conditionalized... and I don't have to hold my pee for 5 hours or until I can find a second to dash to the restroom before all hell breaks loose.

We rented 3 movies to watch tonight. There is 1 video store in Logan (seriously, 1! what kind of town is this!?!?) and it's so cheap that we rented 3 new releases for 3 nights for... $3. No lie. Summer Special. And because Matt is trying for the Husband of the Year award, he let me pick out Little Miss Sunshine, Because I Said So, and Music & Lyrics. I debated whether to throw in Failure to Launch, but then I remembered that I only get one day off, not 16.

And now... it's Miller Time.


Andrea said...

Oooo! How were the movies? I have Failure to Launch in my Netflix queue. (Ew, I hate that word because of Beacon.) I'll letcha know how it is once I watch it. :)

I miss you and Jigga!

And PS, the running list for my Nursing Home Wedding music is: Faithfully (duh), Uptown Girl, My Girl, that one song by Joe Purdy that is actually called Andrea, The Luckiest, The Electric Slide, and God Only Knows. And now Real Love. I could seriously throw the funnest wedding ever, but alas. ALAS.

I need to do more blog commenting. The comments are comin'! :)

Bryna said...

You should be happy that you have the nice mom 'n pop video store. Once the Blockbuster jerks move in, all movies are a million dollars. SUCKS!
That's why the husband just buys them instead of renting. Needless to say, we have too many crappy movies that I will not watch more than once.

Jennie said...

Little Miss Sunshine . . . I love that movie SO. MUCH.