Wednesday, June 13, 2007


A couple days ago I was driving to work and got sprayed by the car in front of me washing its windshield. This set off a chain reaction as I then had to wash my windshield in order to see and then the guy behind me had to wash his. I was annoyed at the guy in front of me, but then I realized the guy behind me was probably just as annoyed with me. So then I wondered... is there windshield cleaning etiquette? Should you do this only when you're stopped? Or maybe just wait til there's no one behind you on the road?


Andrea said...

Are you talking about the windshield wiper on the rear window of the car? If so, I never thought about this! I wash my rear window ALL THE TIME and I never thought about peeps behind me getting sprayed. Seriously, now I'ma think about it. What WOULD the etiquette be? *thinks*

K-tell said...

LOL, no no no. I mean the front windshield. When people wash their windshield going 70 mph, it sprays behind them onto the windshield of the person behind them. You've never had this happen??? Maybe I'm alone on this one!