Friday, April 6, 2007

It was the year 1992...

When I was in fourth grade, I had the hugest celebrity crush. But it was way embarrassing because while all the other girls were drooling over this beefcake:

I was busy planning my future medical career with this hunk:

Looking back, neither were all that hunky. They certainly aren't so hot they make my teeth sweat, that's for sure. So what was the big deal? Johnny Castle had big hair and wore spandex. Doogie Howser, M.D. had a fro... but maybe it was the brains that sent my 10 yr old heart racing. I couldn't tell my friends though. No sir. That would have been total social suicide. And in fourth grade, the competition was tough!

I tried really hard to love Johnny. That summer I spent a couple weeks at my grandparents' house. My cousins Jamie and Jonathan lived closeby and they had an above-ground swimming pool, which for some reason I thought was da bomb!! I'd go over there and we'd swim unsupervised (which was perfectly allowed back in '92), gorge ourselves on pizza flavored Goldfish and Yoo-Hoo, and have contests to see who could splash the most water out of the pool. And then it never failed. Jamie would get the great idea to sneak inside to watch Dirty Dancing. (Sidenote: I had several friends whose parents had this crazy rule that when no parents were home, friends could come over, but we all had to stay outside to play. Because outside is so much safer than inside... with all the rapists (I'll take the-rapists for $200, Alex) and "ice cream" men lurking behind the shrubs). Anyway, I'd go along with it, making sure to bring the Goldfish to keep me occupied. And then she'd be all "see if you can do the tickle scene without laughing" and I never could and neither could she. But it cracked us up and we'd be rolling on the floor laughing our Yoo-Hoo filled brains out. So see? I tried. I played along. And in the end, I wound up crushing on a gay man:)

But to balance it all out, I had an equally-as-big-if-not-bigger crush on THIS 90's eye candy:

Hobie Buchanon. I'll never forget when he took the Make-A-Wish girl out to Lover's Cove. What a slut.

Anyway, I have no idea why I thought confessing any of this would be a good idea, but hopefully whoever is reading this will still be my friend.

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