Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Logan, Arizona?

The landscapers have started replacing all the mulch in our neighborhood with gravel... and it looks horrendous. If I wanted to live in the desert, I'd move to Arizona. It's really ugly. At the risk of muscle-shirt-sunglasses-wearing-creepy guy seeing me and thinking I was taking his picture, I took one anyway. My zoom is sucky though, so squint real hard and you can see all the way on the left side of the house where the gravel starts and looks like someone took a huge pee in the flower bed. The mulch is much prettier, much more contrasting. But evidently mulch is expensive and rocks aren't. Also take note of MSSWC guy on all fours... he thinks he is pure sex.


Andrea said...

Gravel? Seriously? Is the gravel a gold color or am I looking in the wrong place? Or am I just too distracted by the Hulk Hogan wannabe and all of his utter hott sexx-ness? ;) ;)

I love you for taking a picture of this, by the way. :)

K-tell said...

HAHAHAHA, no Hogie is absolutely putting down gold gravel. OK, maybe not glittery gold, but yellow rocks 'n shit.

I love that you love me for taking the pictures.