Monday, April 30, 2007

i have no title

This morning I was at Wal-Mart this morning buying spray paint for a wicker table that I just bought and then after the first rain, all the paint washed off it. Anyway, I bought:

- chewy dog treats
- crunchy dog treats
- raw hide dog treats
- a contraption with which to tie up the dog at the lake tonight
- salt and vinegar chips
- celery and carrots, already chopped because I'm lazy
- dog toy that had no price tag and ended up being the most expensive item in my cart.
- a 6-pack of IBC cream soda. our wal-mart is in a dry square mile. i try to boycott as much as possible.
- spray paint

So, as you see, I was buying normal items. And I obviously have a thing for my dog. But as the cashier was ringing up all my goods, she got to the spray paint and asked me if I was 18. I told her yes and she told me she would need ID. So I gave it to her and she LOL'ed and said "Goodness, I guess so! Ya sure don't look 18."

I know, I know. I have chubby cheeks and blonde curly hair. Evidently that makes me look like a minor. Also, when I was in college, I went to a Chinese restaurant with my parents and our waitress asked if I wanted the 12 and under buffet.

I'm sure I'll appreciate it someday. But if I ever get mistaken for a 12-year old when buying condoms, it might be a little awkward. Especially if I also have those first 4 items in my cart.


one day closer said...

yay for dog treats!!! ya hoooo

i went to the dog bakery last week and bought my girls two big cookies and had their names written in chocolate look alike. they liked them, but i dont think they appreciated them as much as i did.


K-tell said...

Molly! I was stumped when I saw your name, but then when I saw "ya hoooo" I totally knew it was you:)

Thanks for the comment, bebe... and go write another blog now that you have nothing to do on your first Not-So-Awful Tuesday!

one day closer said...

haha im glad i can be so mysterious. :)