Friday, April 27, 2007


Today is FINALLY Friday. It's been a long week, kids! But in approximately 3 hours and 12 minutes, I will be enjoying happy hour at Applebees. And, as any Wittenberg Tiger could tell you, half-price apps and beer is a celebration in and of itself:) But what's even better is that afterwards? We have no plans. And since last night the never-ending storm coverage prevented Grey's Anatomy from airing, I get to come home (quite happily might I add... hence the happy... hour... YEAH, so anyway) and watch Grey's. In my pajamas. And then fall asleep at 9:00. Because tomorrow? We're babysitting our 1 and 3 yr. old cousins... for a full 24 hours. And while they might take 3 naps a day, I am guessing 3 won't be nearly enough for me.

But also? Last night when the tornadoes made their way to our neck of the woods, and the sirens were going off, and the news was telling us to get away from the windows and seek shelter, and I was laying in bed 12 inches from the window, and then the news shut off and we got an emergency message that cut out ALL of our cable and forced us to go "take shelter" out of boredom, we sat in the bathroom. Matt crammed himself in the bathtub and did Sudoku puzzles and I pointed and laughed for 10 minutes. He wouldn't let me dash out and get my camera, although, I probably could've done it fast enough to make it back before he managed to squeeze himself out of the tub because let me tell you... picture a 6'3" man with tennis shoes on jammed into a bathtub doing Soduko with his knees to his waist, his feet against the faucet, and making comments about delivering a baby... I mean, come on. Actually, stop. Something isn't right about that whole "picture my husband in a bathtub" game.

the end.


Andrea said...


The mental image of Matt in the bathtub was enough, but the Sodoku and "having a baby" comments make it hysterical. I love!

Have fun tonight, babe! :) You deserve a fun night out! Keep me posted on EVERYTHING.

Jennie said...

Oh man, I still love half price apps at Applebees.

K-tell said...

I know! It's like the Will and Grace episode where Will invites his dad over for a meal of just appetizers because he always says "God, I could make a meal from just the appetizers". Only without the part about George having an affair with Will's mom, of course.