Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I put the ick in sick

I already broke my goal of blogging everyday, but well I was a little sick. With stomach stuff. I didn't know that anything was "going around" but a few days ago my friend/coblogger/fellow Wittenberg Tiger/former coresident of 10th floor Tower/English major pal JENNIE was tummy sick, then I subjected myself to Matt's family, which ... made me sick yesterday ON THE SAME DAY that Molly's Mommacita had the same tummy issues. So maybe it's something that's going around in my world only, but either way IT SUCKS and there are only a few people in this world I would wish it on (note: I did not say I wouldn't wish it on anyone. eeeeeevil.).

What made yesterday even suckiER is that Matt and I had to finish our taxes at H&R Block (a process we started 3-- count 'em-- 3 weeks ago) and becuase my company is one of the most worthless establishments in the state of Ohio, they simply STOPPED taking out local taxes in June of '05 and just didn't notify anyone. SO thanks to their dirty assholes, I owe Columbus a shit ton and Logan a shit ton more! (By the way, if you were wondering, 1 shit ton + a shit ton more = $520) Plus 1/2 shit ton to the State of Ohio and 1/4 shit ton to H&R Block. You'd think that, since said dirty assholes just cut my hours down to 30/week AND I just had a $10 grand surgery, I'd be a little concerned. But for some reason, it makes me laugh (and sometimes yell obscenities at inanimate household objects). It's all so simply ridiculous:) Tee hee:) Thankfully we have one of those money trees in our front yard-- the kind my dad always told me did not exist? Yeah, we have one. Aren't you jealous???


Jennie said...

Sick AND taxes? Dude, I'm so sorry.

K-tell said...

I know, Jennie. I know. Pfft.