Sunday, February 7, 2010


Lilly hugged me tonight. First time:)

Yep, first time my kiddo has ever hugged me. 14 months. She's not a snuggler so I usually have to trick her into cuddling with me, but tonight she toddled right up to where I was sitting on the floor, opened her arms with a smile on her face and fell into my chest. On purpose! It was wonderful.

But it gets better!

When I put her in Matt's lap for her bedtime story, I walked away and blew her a kiss at the door and... she blew one back!!! I've been blowing her kisses when I drop her off at school for a whole year and this is the first kiss I've been blown back. My stomach dropped and my heart stopped! When she did it I gasped a huge gasp with my mouth wide open and Matt said "That counted! It counted!"

I walked into the bathroom to wash my hands and looked in the mirror to see the smile on my face. So many tough times we've been through this year. There've been lots of frustrating evenings and countless long late afternoon stretches. We've only just begun the temper tantrum phase, and yet we've already experienced many, many! But seeing Lilly look over her shoulder as her daddy read "Lady and the Tramp" as she looked only at me and held her chubby little hand to her mouth made me feel like the most-loved mommy in the whole wide world.

I'm a happy mama tonight:)


Lisa said...

So I just cried. You are all awesome!

Michelle said...

Awww! Moments like that just melt your heart, don't they? Those are the things that make the tough parts of this parenting stuff all worth it!

Bryna said...

This is SUCH a tender moment, I am starting to tear up! Love it! Enjoy every squishy baby hug from here on out!!!