Wednesday, February 17, 2010


As I sit here letting Lilly experiment with eating a banana peel (they have to learn some things themselves, right?), I thought I'd share what her sweet daddy did for her last night. He had a late meeting and wasn't going to be able to put her to bed, like he normally does. Instead of being able to read her a bedtime story, he left her a bedtime letter for me to read. We came home to a dark house, but her bedroom nightstand was lit up with her jammies laid out and this letter ready for her to snuggle up to:

It says:


I am sorry that I cannot be with you tonight for our daily story time. I will miss this time together and I hope you do as well for Mommy as you do for me! See you tomorrow.

Love, Daddy"


Trisha R Jackson said...

Um, hello - I just put makeup on!!

*~*melt my heart*~*

EK said...

More than adorable.

Bead Up said...

Um. no words ;)

Bryna said...

What a tender moment!