Wednesday, February 10, 2010


A few weeks ago Lilly gave me the all-too familiar "I'm going to poop" face while in the bath tub, so in a panic I whipped her dripping little bottom out of the tub, flipped open the toilet lid with my foot and stuck her on the potty. She did her business, I (giggling) called Matt in to take care of clean-up duty (and gawk) then stuck her back in the tub.

Tonight, she did her business right before her bath, which I always love becuase I can relax not havng to worry if it's going to be a floaty night. However, a couple minutes into her bath, she stood up to play with something and before I had a chance to ask her to sit down I heard a frightening sound from below the border. I looked at her face and knew there wasn't much time!

Up went the toilet lid and out of the tub came Lilly. She grunted and her cheeks got red... but nothing. Darn. Back into the tub.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Bubbles. Back to the pot!



"Lilly, are you playing tricks on Mommy?"

As Lilly unplugged the drain, her new favorite bathtime activity and my new way of signifiying the end of bathtime, I grabbed her towel and lifted her from the tub. More silent grunting. This time I was sure we were in for something big! I called Matt in for the big occasion. The rest is history...

A whole lotta nothin'! You didn't think I would actually post a picture of actual her poopy in the actual potty, now did you? You did? Well, it seems you know me well then.


mrsdanigirl8 said...

I wish my kid pooed regularly enough to try this ;)

Jessica said...

that last picture of her in the tub made me laugh out loud! she's quite the character. :)

Bryna said...

Hilarious... really. But maybe it will make for an easy time potty training.