Saturday, February 6, 2010


We woke up to a gorgeous winter wonderland this morning! After Lilly woke up from a 2.5 hour nap this afternoon, we bundled her up and headed out for some fun in the snow. She liked it, except when Midas ran past and knocked her over and she landed face first in the snow! I can't blame her, but it wasn't anything Mommy's dry glove couldn't take care of. We didn't stay out too long-- I think we spent more time getting ready to go outside than we did actually being outside, but it was worth it!

`` (Those two apostrophes are Lilly's contribution to today's blog entry. She says they mean "fya ya".)

"Hey buddy! Woah, you're comin' at me kind of fast!"

"Slow down! UNCLLLE!!!"

"Mom! Help! That! Was! So! Mean! And he's laughing!"

How did I get stuck in a time out?

OK, back to playing!

Back inside for some hot cocoa. (Maybe in a couple years!)


Jessica said...

my kids love playing in the snow, too! you're right, though--it always takes longer to get ready to go out than we actually spend outside!

Michelle said...

Looks like fun! We went out in the snow this weekend and I agree about taking longer to bundle up than the time you actually spend out there!

Bryna said...

Very cute and fun! Just wait until she gets bigger. It gets even MORE fun!!!
I didn't get to play because the south stole all my snow. Not even one flake in NY.

BUT, we are supposed to get some on Wednesday!!! :)