Sunday, February 21, 2010


I think when God creates kidlings, he must sit back and chuckle to himself every now and then. My dad thinks it's funny when he calls and hears Lilly whining in the background because I'm not giving her all the attention she wants. He says he remembers a little girl who used to do the same thing about 27 years ago. When our phone calls get cut short because I need to tend to The Queen, he gets a kick out of it and snorts something about something coming full circle.

I, myself, find humor in much less insulting similarities, like the fact that Matt and I just discovered that Lilly's pointer finger points the exact same way Matt's does. It dips down wear the meaty part of her finger is. I find it cute. Matt thinks that's wierd.

I also think she got his Mom's rear end, which Matt also thinks is wierd. Not that she got her Grandma's backside, but that I feel the need to bring it up. But she didn't get mine and she didn't get his, and when that happens, it's a little scary! It's almost like you have to figure out where the mismatched body part came from! I was relieved to know it didn't come from the neighbor. Or worse.

But what is really funny is that it seems Lilly got my inability to stay focused at athelitc events! Like me, she started out well at last night's basketball game. She had good intentions of snuggling up to Matt and proving to him that she had it in her, that she was worthy of tagging along. She'd watch the game, not ask (too many) dumb questions, clap at the right times (ok, she's 1-- we were impressed at the fact that she clapped whenever anyone clapped. Alright, did I say impressed? I took a video, for Pete's sake. I was PROUD.)

But. Then things got a little... boring? The novelty wore off. They stopped playing music (She shook her rump to "It's the Final Countdown" and "The Eye of Tiger") and started shouting out numbers. People were yelling. Shoes were screeching. No one smiled at me in admiration. Heck, no one paid a lick of attention to me.

I was left to create my own entertainment. Enter The Sippy Cup:

So perhaps my dad and Matt have more in common than they realize. I would imagine if I hadn't been the third child (and therefore had more than 25 childhood photgraphs of me in existence, cough cough) there would be one of my dad and me similar to this one. Doesn't Matt look thrilled?!?!


Lisa said...

But she looks soooo cute! She totally looks the part of a sports fan in training!!!!!

Michelle said...

Cute! Hey, I can't blame her, I get bored after about 15 minutes of a sporting event too :)

And this is going to sound totally crazy...but does Matt work at Trimble?? I noticed his shirt, I live in Albany and the boy that works for us on the farm graduated from Trimble last year! Actually, our neighbor works at Trimble too, he's the gym teacher I think. Small world!!

Bryna said...

And in the track suit and everything. Way too cute!