Thursday, September 9, 2010


Tonight after putting on Lil's jammies and getting her all set for a night night story with Matt, I curled up on the floor and said "night night." Matt was sitting in the rocking chair waiting for her to come over to him, but instead she pulled out both of her blankies ("bink"), handed me the small one (just like we do for her) and covered me up with the big one (just like we do for her)! She was taking care of her mommy, just like she has learned to do from us!! She flopped over me and laid there for a minute, and then it must have occurred there was one more thing she could do-- she stood up, walked over to her nightstand and grabbed her nighttime sippy of water. Handed it right to me.

She is going to make the greatest big sister. But for now, I'll enjoy being taken care of by my mini mommy!