Monday, September 20, 2010


This is such a great age. The funniest things come out of Lilly's mouth... and with such seriousness. I've entered the "Lilly, say ____." phase myself because I just can't resist hearing her interpretation of certain words. And the faces that accompany them... ohhh goodness.

Tonight at dinner we tried out several different names for the new baby. Our boy name is solid, but I'm getting wishy washy on our girl name. I thought whatever name she can say the best (and cutest) would just have to be it for a sister!

Except every name she said came out clear as day and was matched with a smile that screamed, "You guys are so silly! Keep going."

At this point, we're going to have to have at 7 more sisters for Lilly.

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Bryna said...

You can ask her what name she likes. And if she's like my daughter, it will be:
"What about Pillow? How about Bootie Sockie? What about Chair?" And other GREAT choices like that!