Monday, March 15, 2010


It's amazing how well Lilly takes direction now, at 15 months.

I can ask her to hold her lunch box while we walk in to school in the mornings and she'll hang on to it while carry her in with me, which is extremely helpful when I'm juggling a zillion different things! I can also ask her "What happened to your other sock?" and she'll disappear for a minute, then reappear with the mystery sock. And at the end of the night if I ask "Are you ready to brush your teeth?" she will drop whatever she's doing and race to the bathroom, giggling, and reach for her toothbrush on her tippy toes. Talk about cute!!!

Every morning before school, I say "It's time to go to school!" or "Let's get your socks and shoes." and she knows to go to her shoe/coat/hat/glove basket and find her shoes. She takes them to the back door and waits, VERY impatiently, for me to pop her up onto the washing machine to put her socks and shoes on and then I let her walk herself out to the car. She looks like such a big girl walking out on her own:)

Tonight Matt noticed she needed a new diaper and said "Lilly, go get a diaper!" After a little more prodding, she disappeared and returned from her bedroom with 2 diapers. He was amazed and declared her the smartest girl he's ever known.

This is fun, guys. Really, really fun!


Michelle said...

Aww, how sweet! Its funny, as Riley gets older, it seems that I am constantly declaring however old he is as "my favorite age" :) It really is more and more fun all the time!

Jessica said...

so sweet! when it's time to put her coat on chloe will hold out her little arms and wait for me to help her. so cute!

Ellie said...

I love this age too. The 14-20 months has always been my favorite. Nothing is cuter than such a tiny person running around on those chubby little legs! Madison follows the same directions that Lilly does, and I have declared her the smarted girl ever too!