Monday, March 1, 2010


My friend Trisha asked me how I am potty training Lilly and I realized I better clarify-- I am not! This all started as a way of keeping the poo out of the bathtub and has become a hoot and a half. Tonight I put her on the potty after dinner to see what she would do, outside of the bath time environment, and she actually tinkled!

So while she knows she can put her belongings inside the potty, she is by no means saving them for the potty and I have no expectations for that for several months.

I am, however, happy that she isn't afraid of the the potty! And we'll continue doing putting her belongings inside of it whenever we can until she's ready to take the next step!


Michelle said...

Sounds like as good a way to start as any! And keeping poo out of the tub...always a good thing. The other night was our first experience with poo in the tub...yuck! I guess I should be glad we got this far without it happening...

On another note...Tyler happened to stop over Friday night to ask my husband something and when I came to the door he goes "So my principal asked me today if I had a neighbor named Michelle...he said his wife knew you or something?" Haha! I'm still amazed when things like this happen to remind me what a small world we really live in!! :)

Trisha R Jackson said...

Hey girl, whatever works!! Delaney knows where the potty is, that when she pushes the lever, she can waive bye-bye to the contents (ours, not hers) and that the water is...oh so much fun to play in (YUCK!!!!!). She's also learning that the little potty is hers and can go on the big potty. She's not fun of sitting up there though.