Friday, September 4, 2009


Little Lilly Boo has bronchitis:( This poor girl seems to be sick more often than not. Seems she inherited my horrible immune system. I had to go into work last night to close the center, so I took her with me and kept her in my office. It was only 2 hours, but those were a LONG 2 hours! It's one thing to keep an 8 month old entertained at home, but quite another in a baby-unfriendly office. I packed all of her favorites (cell phone, camera, comb, paper) as well as the baby-friendly toys I like to push on her (pretend cell phone, pretend camera, etc.) but no dice there.

Thankfully she loves the Praise Baby DVD, so I brought it along and set her up to watch on my co-director's desk. Here she is in the "Praise Baby Zone". (If you haven't seen these DVDs, I highly recommend getting your hands on one or go to the website and watch samples. Matt and I even fall into the trance and, after about 4 months of watching the same "Born to Worship" DVD, we still aren't sick of it! Lilly whips her head around within the first couple notes of the Intro and it's smooth sailing for a solid 30 minutes.)

And yes, she is doing something very un-lady-like. Mom's timing is impecable!

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Fumbling Towards Adulthood said...

OMG! Her little legs! I can tell she wants to DANCE. :) And toot.