Friday, September 18, 2009


Lilly turns 9 months old tomorrow. Here are some of the things she's up to:

Tonight we went out for pizza and salad and she tasted diced ham, shredded cheese, hard boiled egg yolk, crackers and veggie Mum Mums. She didn't appear to dislike anything.

When someone opens the door to her classroom, no matter where she is she cranes her neck to see who's there. Everyone tells me she's looking for me, but today as I was rocking her someone opened the door and Miss Inquisitive shot up from my lap to check it out. Where's the loyalty, kiddo?

My visits at school are fewer and farther between lately as she has major separation anxiety when I leave. I'm afraid of creating more chaos for her teachers, so I do a lot of peeking from the doorway and waving hello from behind the counter. Her teachers are awesome and never make me feel bad, but I remember being in their shoes and it is a little irritating, whether they admit it or not!

Her teeth seem to have slowed down a little. She's holding steady at 8-- 4 on top, 4 on bottom. And boy can she bite!

She's says "fa fa fa", "va va va", "ckkkkkk", "ba ba" and "muuuuuum!"

She's about 50% proficient at waving hello and good bye. I don't know if this means the 50% of the time that she does it are a fluke or if she actually knows what she's doing, but only feels like playing along half the time. Either way, it's adorable and makes me laugh every time.

Climbing, climbing, climbing. Not cruising-- her climbing doesn't involve furniture or window sills. She loves to climb on me, which I love because every few minutes she takes a breather and for the first time in her life she'll lay on me, flopped over... and CONTENT! No fussing, whining, grunting, growling or crying. And it's fun to see her stand while holding on to my shoulders!

And the biggest of all...

She crawls! She took 3 crawls last night and I was so bummed that I had to waste the rest of the evening with her at a meeting and then come home and put her straight to bed. I wanted to take her out of her bed and watch her crawl some more! Tonight after dinner as I was getting her bottle ready I put her on a blanket of the kitchen floor. Before I knew it she had crawled off the blanket and onto the linoleum and was crawling all over the place! It must be a lot easier than the carpet!

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Alyssa mommy said...

Those are all wonderful milestones! The seperation issues are no fun! But sounds like you are handling it all so well!