Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Such astute blog readers! Y'all figured her out. She is sitting pretty as of about a week ago! It has opened up the doors to a whole new world now that she can play with her toys in an upright position vs. lying down or plunked in the Jumperoo or Exercauser. It must feel so liberating! Now she can reach all her favorite toys, like the TV remote, my sunglasses, the camera and the Wii remotes. Teething rings are for sissies.

And in order to keep plowing through babyhood while I sit back fighting tears, I bring you a sneak peak into what appears to be lying not far ahead.



Bryna said...

Crawling is on the horizon... and then NO ONE IS SAFE! :) Fun times with your little cutie!

Jenn said...

Okay. Apparently I'm not very astute, but YAY for Lilly for sitting up on her own :) And btw, love the little outfit you had her in in the last post!

Nine said...

C is right behind her and I am NOT looking forward to our babies growing up! I'm already thinking I want a newborn again (CRAZY!!!).

She is SO adorable- such a happy baby!

Newt said...

Go, Lily, Go!

We can see unassisted sitting and crawling on the horizon, too, and I have similar mixed feelings. Busily setting up a baby safe room where I can stash the little man once he starts moving around on his own. He is going to be a TERROR. Words cannot describe.

Our Life in Pixels said...

Love the bow!! Kaity's hair is just SO fine that a bow doesn't stay in for long :)