Sunday, July 12, 2009


Despite what you are about to see, Lilly has been an absolute angel over the last couple weeks. We've been traveling a lot and she just goes with the flow, smiling at everyone she sees, giggling at the mere sight of her daddy, napping like a champ (1.5-2 hour naps!) and barely makes a fuss. We were in Lakeside, OH for the weekend for Matt's sister's wedding shower and people kept asking "Has she cried since she's been here?" She was sooo happy! She definitely thrives around lots of people-- especially other children. The other kids adored her! Our cousin's daughter is 3 and Matt overheard her tell Lilly "Lilly? Together? We could be the best ballerinas ever." HAHA!

So back to why our darling angel COULD be making our lives a living h-e-double-hockey sticks...

(Sorry about the boog. Lilly's #1 teething symptom is a constant runny nose.) It may be hard to tell, but every space is occupied by a tooth upstairs. I can't believe it. Downstairs we have 2 full teeth and the beginnings of 2 more.

I need another baby. I can't stand it!

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Fumbling Towards Adulthood said...

Cheese and rice, that's a lot of teef! I hope that poor thing doesn't need a palate expander like we did. Please God. Teething is enough!

Hang in there, mama!