Sunday, August 26, 2007


I love to travel. When Matt and I got married, one of the wedding shower "games" was for everyone to write down a piece of marital advice for Matt and me. Half the people in attendance were either single, divorced or living in sin (GASP!), which made me laugh (Matt's family threw it, so only I seemed to find the humor in the situation), but my step-dad's advice was to always have a vacation in the works so you always have something to look forward to with each other. I will take that to my grave! In fact, if I'm 105 and find out I'm on my last lap, I'll probably book a trip and refuse to die til I get back. Anyway, the point is, I just booked another trip:)

But not just any trip! I booked through Skybus and chose a destination that offered $10 tickets, so on January 19th, Matt and I are off to Chicopee, MA! True, it's funny to say, but seeeeriously, the whole shebang, including taxes and fees cost $70. Mmm hmm. OK, the hitch. We fly into an Air Force Base... that is, if we actually get there and this whole thing isn't a scam. But then we're renting a car and driving to the Mystic Seaport where MYSTIC PIZZA was filmed!

OK, and THEN! I've never used Priceline before, but decided to give it a try and found the nicest hotel in the area and it was going for $249 a night so I was all punk about it and named my price at $100... well, that didn't fly. But $125 did:)

So that's where we're off to for MLK Jr./President's/Groundhog... whichever it is... Day, weekend, in January. With any luck it will be pretty and wintery, but it will probably just be cold. But shoot, we're staying at a sssssspa, so gimme some pizza and a mud mask and I'll be set. Maybe a Miller Lite too.

Thanks for the advice!

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Bryna said...

Have fun and enjoy the Mystic Pizza! It's kind of hard to find but you simply HAVE to go!!!! The pizza is SO delicious!!!!!!