Friday, August 24, 2007


Somewhere between teaching the class of 2021 the difference between "thick" and "thin" and the definition of an amphibian, I lost the mental capacity to know that August is month #8... see the dates/titles of my blogs this month and you'll see what I mean.

And now for some of the funny (and gross) stuff I encounter at work:)

(background info: John Henry is 3 years old and comes to my classroom for a half hour every morning... I spend my days with 4 year olds, and believe me, there is a HUGE difference)

Me: John Henry, you have a COOL name! Is that your dad's name too?
JH: (blank stare)
Me: What's your dad's name?
JH: Daddy

About 15 minutes later I hear a commotion coming from the table next to the bathroom (we have a bathroom attached to our room).

Group of kids: Can you wipe? Wipe! Can you do it?
Me: Hmmm, what's going on? (I notice the bathroom door is open and the light is on. On the mini pot... is John Henry.)
Me: Hey, Buddy! Did you go potty?
JH: Blank stare, then a nod.
Me: OK, let me grab some gloves. Sit tight!
JH: Blank stare.
Me: (I return) OK, stand up. Here we go!
JH: Look at my poop, Miss Katie! It really big. It looks like a squooshy snake.

Emma: What's wrong, Ethan?
Ethan: I had a bloody nose.
Emma: I'll pray for you.

Ethan walks away

Emma: I love you, Ethan!

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