Monday, April 19, 2010


This morning on our way to school I was reminded of the fact that little ears are always-- always-- listening. And repeating. And while this can be funny, like the time that I beeped at a friend who was walking into the library (something I never do!) and my little backseat parrot proceeded to chirp "beep!" I have to remember that the outside influences of her little world have an impact on her, even at such a young age.

My usual morning routine is keep the radio on a country station for the first 10 minutes until the Christian station comes in, unless I have a CD playing-- in which case, it's probably been playing for a week and I don't even realize it anymore I'm so used to it.

So this morning I was singing along to Sugarland's "Baby Girl" and as I belted out "Iiiiii'm on my way," I heard an miniature echo from the backseat. "Iiiiiiiiiiii" it went. I stopped singing and giggled. "Iiiiiiiiii'm on my way," I repeated back. A smile stretched across her face. "Iiiiiiiii!" she sang back, kicking her feet against the seat with excitement.

I tell her a hundred times a day, "Lilly! I love you!" And while this story is cute and funny, it's a good reminder that she is always listening (well, perhaps not always-- she's learning the art of selective hearing already) and she's got a lot to say. I want her hearing words of love, encouragement, and truth from her parents. And hopefully someday those will be the words she chooses to repeat.


Jessica said...

i love that picture of you two--so sweet! and you're right. they're always listening! yesterday luke said, "mommy, you freaking me out!" ha!

Bryna said...

And when she actually starts singing the song on her own accord, it's even cuter! I love it!!!

Alyssa mommy said...

Yes those little ears seem to pick up everything these days. Very fun!

Michelle said...

Cute! Such a good thing to remember, its amazing how much they're absorbing already. And even when we think they don't know what we're saying or aren't seeing what might be on the TV, their little eyes and ears are picking it all up!