Sunday, April 11, 2010


Every mom has her books of preference when it comes to parenting. We also have books we absolutely detest! I won't say which book that is for me, but I'm sure there are lots of you out there who can guess which popular "first year" book given to many mothers as a shower gift also doubles as an anxiety-inducing slap in the face when, at 3 months, you learn that your child should be walking backwards and juggling Playtex Drop-Ins liners blindfolded.

My favorite book right now is "What to Expect: The Toddler Years." I like it because each month it tells you what your child should be able to do, will probably be able to do, may possibly be able to do, and may even be able to do. That way I have a very wide range of what is "normal" and as long as Lilly is doing everything she should be able to do, the rest is just bonus!

So last week I read that by the end of her 16th month (so when she turns 17 months) she should be able to use 2 words, but may also be able to combine words. I wasn't sure what that meant, as they kind of seemed like the same thing to me. Either way, she wasn't doing it, so I felt that little panicky feeling, but figured she isn't even 16 months old yet so no sense in worrying about it. The kid talks-- she'll figure it out.

Fast forward to today...

She now says "good job" and "you're welcome." I had forgotten about "thank you." And, um, does "ta da!" count?!?!

No need to worry. Not that I was worried or anything;)

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Trisha R Jackson said...

Oh crap, are you serious? 2 words? Now I feel really behind.

How is it that Lilly still looks like a sweet sweet little baby? Delaney seems to be 14mos going on 3! I want those rolls back!!