Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Being married to Matt is a barrel of just about every emotion. Most of our days are spent laughing our heads off and generally just having a blast together. But sometimes? He pulls some crazy shit on me. Like tonight.

He's the new Athletic Director for his school district so since July he's been learning the ins and outs of running a high school and middle school athletic program pretty much on his own. For not having any experience with this and being thrown into the game to clean up someone else's $20,000 mistake, he's doing an awesome job. But, like any situation that you're thrown into without having any experience, he often feels like his head is barely above water. Evidently tonight was one of those nights because I got an email at 7:30 that read:

If you have time tomorrow, and this is so I dont forget later tonight, would
you be able to get a copy of the Nathional Anthem on CD? If not I will have to
get one before FRI to play at the home gym events. I should be home around 11 tonight. Sorry.

I kinda scratched my head then dove into Macgyver mode thinking ways to get ahold of the National Anthem. I called the library, 30 minutes from closing time, who put me on hold and searched for a good 10 minutes coming up with a book titled "The National Anthem". "Will that work for ya, hon?" No.

Knowing there's no way I'll be in the mood to handle this after work tomorrow and my break is being spent meeting with a church elder who I've been avoiding for 3 months (and who finally cornered me into spending my lunch break with her... lucky Matt gets out of this one), I hopped in my car to fly over to Walmart. Hell, basically.

The guy in the CD department looked about half my age and three times my height. He helped me search the CDs looking for what I was now referring to as "The Damn National Anthem" in my head. Thinking I had it nailed, I picked up a 30 track BOX SET of patriotic songs for $9.98 (why does everything at Walmart end in .98?) I searched the back only to find that of all 30 songs, TDNA was not one of them. MOTHER SHUCKER!

Long story short, the guy left and I found it on my own (for 5.98), but was then shamefully unsure of whether TDNA is the same as The Star Spangled Banner. I tried singing it in my head, but couldn't get "America the Beautiful" to quit chiming in. Which then led to "Home, Home On the Range" which then led to Saved By the Bell. In a hurry, I found the boy and asked him. He scratched his head, I made a joke about David Letterman, he shrugged and said "I think?" and I walked away not giving a crap whether he played TDNA or "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow".

But just for kicks, I asked the couple in front of me at the checkout aisle and the chick's response was "I dunno. I've been out of school for 5 years. I'm safe." Right. Love the Walmart.

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Jennie! said...

I'm sure you've listened to it by now, but it's the same.