Tuesday, May 29, 2007

About darn time!

Holy crap, it's me:) As you can imagine, during my unemployment gig, I really didn't have much to talk about! My days consisted of watching the entire season of Brothers and Sisters online, vegging in the sun on the lake with molly, searching for jobs... nothing too noteworthy. But NOW folks? I'm back in action. And maybe my genious thoughts will reappear!

My new job, which I've officially been doing for a week is for a publishing company that owns ehow.com. I write for them:) I'ts SOOOO fun. Today I wrote an article called How to Cool a Cake. I have one coming up on caring for a new tattoo, but after I picked it up, I realized that just because I have a tattoo doesn't really mean I know anything about them. But have no fear, I will be all over that tomorrow.

In June I start a Summer Camp program, which will be a barrell of laughs. Kids are psychotic, but they make me laugh and they make for good story telling at the dinner table. Not that we eat at a dinner table. Do you guys eat at a dinner table? We eat at our bar. Or the couch. But never the dinner table.

Then in the fall, I'll be in the pre-school classroom with the little ones during the morning and the older kids in the afternoon. I'm very excited to have fun jobs that make me use my brain and won't contribute to my fat assness:) Speaking of fat assness, I really need to curb my foul language pronto as this new job in June? Is at our church. Details. Have I mentioned I'm also required to minister to the children and families? Just call me Rev Fun.


Jennie said...

We never eat at the table either. Couch all the way. You can't see the TV from the table, you know?

QUESTION: How'd you get that sweet job? I want one! What I'm trying to say is congratulations. Hee.

K-tell said...
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K-tell said...

Jennie, Thanks for the congrats! You want a J.O.B. with them? I think they're still hiring... it's freelance, but it goes through December as of right now. Lemme know, homie:)

Jennie said...

Heck yes! Is is something I could do in my spare time, like when I get home from my other job? You know, the one that makes me count down the hours like I used to do in school?